Kept in the dark
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A fan work by snippetsrus posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Kept in the dark

"...quarantine is over.” The voice was like a shriek, piercing through her ears and sending shocks of pain through her brain.

Her head lolled back and forth and she was unable to move her arms or legs. Everywhere around her was darkness, but she felt she was lying on a bed. “Yes, it's safe to send her.

” There was a moment of silence. “She's strong and fit. Once the narcosis wears off-”

It was the last thing she heard as the voice trailed off. Above her floated a beautiful woman with dark brown hair, pale skin and dark eyes.

Her hair was curly and put in a neat hairstyle, a tiara of golden laurels adorning her head. She wore a white dress that reached down to above her knees.

A saffron-coloured shawl hung over her arms, and on her feet were golden sandals.

Golden jewellery danced on her wrists, upper arms and hands, and around her neck hung a silver key at the end of a silver chain.

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