Ken's sweet home
Ken's sweet home urie kuki stories

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Ken's sweet home

“So today is the big day.”

The little boy looked up to his caretaker and nodded slowly.

What was Mutsuki-san talking about? Ken couldn’t be bothered, he wanted to play… but they packed all of his things into a suitcase and he had to sit down and wait in the big entry hall.

“I’m sure you’ll like your new home better than our orphanage.”

New home? Now he looked at his caretaker. “Home?”

“Yes.” He kneeled down in front of Ken and smiled brightly at him. “Do you remember the nice gentleman who came to visit you quite often lately?”

Ken nodded slowly. He did remember that man, there was such an oddly familiar feeling about him, but the boy couldn't put the finger on it.

Would he come to pick him up?

The caretakers often said that one of the children might get adopted one day, but Ken never thought that he'd be one of them.

“Can I say goodbye to everyone?”

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