Keeping Up With The Asgardian
Keeping Up With The Asgardian natasha romanov stories

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A fanfic by bluedemon92 adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Keeping Up With The Asgardian

In Avengers tower, all comfortable in the entertainment room sat the Avengers and several SHIELD agents.

They sat on the couch and chairs provided; Barton holding a tub of popcorn that Natasha absently ate from.

All eyes were on Bruce as he and Tony explained the television system and what it would be used for. For months Loki had been back on Earth causing minor mayhem as he went.

Not enough to take him down, but enough to want him under supervision. Not that Loki would ever allow that thank you very much. He would never allow himself to be trailed by some creepy agent.

So they had to be sneaky with their attempts. They had to slip by unnoticed.

It had not been an easy task. Thor having to go through some hoops and several SHIELD agents scrambling for cover during the course of it all, but it happened.

The Avengers now had a live feed of Loki Laufeyson and his plots.

All they had to do was turn on the television and Asgard's mumbo jumbo magic would hone in on Loki and they would know what he was up to. He was none the wiser.

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