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Keep It In Your Plants

Marinette was

What else was new?

Running down the streets of Paris with an overflowing bag of art supplies and a precious sketchbook in hand was

a good idea. Crowds of tourists walked along the streets, lost and searching, like bees on a lazy summer day in a garden of roses.

Marinette was trying to resist the urge to punch those bees in their stupid little striped faces.

She shoved aside tourists as gently as possible, careful not to rattle her things or catch her sketchbook on the clothing.

The fresh breath of air as the crowds ended was a blessing she had no time to relish as she was rushing away again.

All she could see was petals and concrete. All she could feel was a dull ache in her hip and a sharp pain in her knees.

“Oh god, are you okay?” A hand grasped her arm, a sweet male voice washed over her, seemingly relieving the pain she felt.The person helped her from the ground, supporting her weight completely.

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