Keep in Check (Please)
Keep in Check (Please) alternate universe stories

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short story by iprotectkennyp (dauntperplexity) posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Keep in Check (Please)

The first sign Kent received juniors scouts were looking at him was the day of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League draft.

He had finished his shower after spending his day at the local rink and heard his mom talking on the phone. Her voice sounded the way it did whenever she tried to talk through a smile.

Good news, then.

He lingered just outside the kitchen to avoid overhearing something that probably wasn’t for him.

He figured it was a call from her work since it was either Daniella or Cadence who usually called that late at night. Maybe another show wanted to showcase her shop.

“We’ll call you back and let you know,” she said.

Once his mom hung up, it was safe to step into the kitchen. “Who was that?” Kent asked after her mom put the phone back on the receiver.

He looked through the fridge for something to drink and settled on apple juice.

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