Kathang-Isip heneral luna (2015) stories

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A work by thisgracia adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Perhaps it's the fact that he had only two hours of sleep. Or maybe it's the rice cooker breaking down first thing in the morning or the nasty smell of rotten fruits and bad luck.

Emilio had always been sensitive to signals, and that particular morning had so many warning signs that Miong headache went up a notch.

Fely noticed at once, of course. "Kuya, okay ka lang?" She grabbed a mug and started making coffee for her brother who slumped onto the nearest seat in the small, floral-wallpapered kitchen.

Miong, as his rivals liked to call him, reached for the piece of paper stuck on the refrigerator door. Several names were written on it, all crossed out except the bottom one.

"Ipa-resched na lang yata natin to?"

"Bakit? Bad day for business na naman ba?" His sister sat beside him, nibbling on a warm pandesal that she probably bought next door.

"Kaya lang, Kuya, hindi na natin pwedeng ilipat ang appointment niyan."

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