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Karmy one shots

Karma's eyes flew open, fear filled them like she was scared of something...yet nothing was happening.

Her eyes scanned her dark bedroom, as though she was looking for something or someone, but emptiness surrounded her. She sat up in her bed, as her eyes went to her phone.

She took her phone, the time was seven in the morning, early for a Sunday.

She had been having the same dream for over a week now, a dream of being with Amy, kissing Amy...loving Amy, and she was scared of what it meant.

She had always thought she was straight, that she only liked guys..but was she wrong. She loved the feeling of kissing Liam...

but kissing Amy was magic, it made her smile, it made her feel as though fireworks surrounded her and kissing Liam never made her feel that way.

Kissing Amy was like the most amazing thing she had ever felt, if she had one wish, one thing she could do before she died...kissing Amy would be it.

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