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Karl Urban Drabbles & Imagines

You knew what was coming, what was going to happen to you. You recognised his face, he’s been following you,“casing” you for a few weeks, You’d even been face to face with him, accidentally.

And here you were again, face to face, accept this time he had a gun trained on you.

“You know why I’m here?” His thick Russian accent broke the silence between you

“Y-yes” You say voice cracking slightly, but like hell you’d give him the satisfaction of seeing you cry.

“Good” you watch as he cocks the gun in hand.

Closing your eyes you take a deep breath, slowing exhaling you open your eyes at the same time, you were ready. Well, as ready as one can be when they are facing death.

You watched as his finger squeezed the trigger, a loud crack filled the room.

a sharp pain shooting just above your navel, your hand instinctively going to your stomach to stop the pain, pulling your hand away you see the blood, You look up at him,

no doubt a shocked expression on your face, before stumbling and falling to the floor, you push yourself backward till your back touches the wall.

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