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A written piece by ennessee posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Life is a kaleidoscope of possibilities. Without acknowledging it, every movement, every gesture is fatal in deciding what is to become of us.

I did not know what miracle saved me from destruction, from throwing myself down that cliff. Maybe the spirit of the world had pity of me at last, and decided to spare me yet another suffering.

I will never know.

"You are out of your minds!" I screamed in rage, blinded by anger and fear.

Why wouldn't anyone listen to me? I reported a terrible mistake, a failure, and all I got was more blame heaped on my already weak shoulders.

That February night was not only freezing, but also forsaken by God.

And now, like if what had happened in Lisbon hadn't been enough suffering for a dozen lifetimes, my friend Liam looked upon me as a liar.

He wouldn't let go of me even though I struggled to break free from his grip.

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