Kaiju, Jaeger, Doctor, Traitor
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Kaiju, Jaeger, Doctor, Traitor

That’s the thing about the bond. It means that, when the Blue finally hits the fan, neither of them has to say a word.

It’s an outbreak in Guìyáng, K3L6. This one’s virulent, airborne, can jump through pigs and bats as well as humans.

Maybe other species, Newton isn’t sure, is still running tests, even as red-faced arseholes from EBERL keep bursting into K-Lab,

bringing news and samples and dragging Hermann away from his work to do translation just because everyone on the fucking planet is apparently too lazy to learn some fucking sign language,

Hermann’s not even sure anymore who those thoughts belong to. Maybe both of them.

He, meanwhile, is looking at numbers. Trying to find the Breach.

They’ve helicoptered in teams from Hong Kong, have blasted the whole area in h-fields, but nothing’s coming back on their readings.

The small Breaches are hard to find, and it’s possible that—with bats as a vector—the index case was miles away, but…

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