Kagome's Blood
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Kagome's Blood

Inuyasha, his long, silver silken hair brushing the ground, squatted like the dog demon he was.

From the shadows of the tree line, triangular ears strained to hear any sounds that would give away an approaching predator. Sharp golden eyes intensely scanned the small beach.

There was nothing in the smooth, tan sand to indicate that anything out of the ordinary was present.

Ripples, caused by the high, thin waterfall, were undisturbed in their sparkling cycle across the crystal blue lake.

Still, the adrenalin rush from the recent battle pounded through his veins, refusing to release him from his wary, protective state.

His sensitive nose could detect no signs of demons nearby. Though there was one scent that permeated the surroundings. It made his head burn and his stomach painfully twist into knots...

Kagome's blood. And, too much of it.

Inuyasha thought with the grim awareness of Kagome’s condition.

Kagome studied the hanyou while he prowled the beach, his red flared hakama cuffed at the ankles and wide full sleeves concealing the lean figure.

Even with his robe off, no one could guess the strength his lithe figure possessed. How she longed for him to hold her in his protective embrace.

But, for now, she had to concentrate on getting these wounds clean. Blood was still seeping through her clothing and the wounds could not be tended to until she could inspect them.

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