Just Your Average High School Story
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Just Your Average High School Story

Very short chapter but this is just a prologue, chapters will be longer then this.

– You Have Some Explaining To Do!

Mahiru Shirota was never the type to believe in silly fairytales, especially when they concerned monsters such as werewolves and vampires.

He always found it silly how people would gush over the idea of being an immortal creature that sucked the life force out of people or how they would sigh about wanting

a fluffy beast companion to protect them. If they wanted a fluffy beast companion they could adopt a dog or even simpler – a gerbil.

But as he gazed at the elusive night class student, Kuro, whom was licking blood of his hand in a casual manner, he was having trouble telling himself vampires did not exist.

Especially when Kuro’s fangs were practically shoved in his face.

He inwardly gulped as the blue haired boy’s red eyes bore into him before Kuro let out a deep sigh.

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