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Just Us

"You think he'd be okay with this?" Rodney stared down at John's unconscious form.

"I think he would be," Joe said quietly.

Even though John and Rodney had been close for over half of their lives, had been lovers for the last four decades, there were some things about John that Rodney could never know like Joe did.

Evan curled a hand around Joe's wrist. "Are you sure you don't want to do it too?"

Joe nodded and leaned in, kissed Evan softly, stroked a hand over his white hair. "I'm sure. You and I have had a good life, a full life. When the time comes, it comes."

"John and I have had good lives," Rodney protested. "Full lives. But -"

"But this is your second chance. And this is their second chance, too." Joe gazed down at John fondly.

"Was it frightening?" Rodney asked.

"Terrifying," Joe said. "That crippling loneliness. Not having someone to turn to for everything. And then I had Evan to turn to. He'll be fine, because he'll have you."

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