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A fanfic by firenzesun adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Just the Shadow

When his cellphone woke him up this morning Flint was not thankful.

He never was, but this time he had stayed up almost all night working in front of his computer and he hadn't for near enough sleep. So Flint prepared his coffee extra strong this morning.

A sip of it and his mood improved a bit. Another sip and his mood went three squares backwards when he remembered it was a Tuesday.

Tuesdays meant he had to face Singleton, the stupid Associate Professor who was an ignorant brute who wanted his position as Professor. Not that there was a chance of it happening.

Despite Singleton's attempts to sabotage him, his lack of knowledge on Stoic Philosophy was obvious. Flint didn't have to worry about him.

Coffee finished, and with some good minutes to spare, he grabbed his leather coat with elbow patches.

Yes, he used a leather coat and had his ginger hair in a bun but he still used elbow patches. He could only break so many stereotypes about how a professor was supposed to look like.

He hadn't even opened the door of his flat, when he heard the voices of his next door neighbours arguing.

There went his chances of a quick escape through the building without annoying social interactions.

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