Just the Draw of a Card
Just the Draw of a Card sakaki yuya/akaba reiji/hiiragi yuzu stories

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Just the Draw of a Card

That’s the thought that keeps ringing throughout his head.  He should be worried about all that has gone wrong but he can’t focus on anything else.

She’s not only ok but smiling and reciting everyone’s catchphrases like they’re back at the You Show Duel School.

She still is able to perform an entertainment duel and make people smile, despite the injustice of this dimension.

He feels tears well up in his eyes, but he can’t find it in him to care.  All his worst nightmares have been proven wrong.  His best friend kept her promise.  She didn’t get hurt.

He wants to break out of his room and finally reunite with her in person, to touch her and make sure she was real and not a desperate hallucination born from worry.

But the closest he can get to reaching her is the TV screen, cold and lifeless.

He can’t help it.  He’s selfish.  But the thought that she’s still safe is enough for now.  It’s more than he’s dared to wish.

So Yuya will thank God or whatever holy force that ruled over the universes.  He’d thank them every day of his life for as long as he lived.

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