Just Short The Hobbit Edition
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Just Short The Hobbit Edition

When Gandalf awakens to see a hay roof above his head he isn't sure how to react. He is a Wizard so panicking is out of the question...

But how did he go from being on the road to being in a bed? He stands a little disturbed to see that he had been redressed in what looked like Shepherd’s gear.

His staff thankfully hadn't been messed with as it was leaning against a table.

Carefully exploring what little there is in his new abode he smiles at the small plate of food left on the table for him.

He eats it happily before grabbing his staff and heading outside..................... No... Nope... Not happening.

Taking a deep breath he: re-enters the small hut, closes the door, takes a deep breath closing his eyes, bangs his head slightly on the door and opens it.

The sight doesn't change and he wonders if maybe he grabbed the wrong pipe tobacco because in various stages of movement or non-movement are thirteen dwarf like sheep and one hobbit sheep.

And by dwarf like sheep he means, small, smaller than normal even, humanoid sheep.

From their necks to just below their private parts, from their knees to their feet, from their elbows to their hands is covered in silky white wool.

Where their ears should be is the soft most definitely sheep like ears! But the rest of their head is dwarf or hobbit.

And they weren't just any thirteen dwarrows and singular hobbit; oh no they are the thirteen dwarrows and singular hobbit he led to Erebor.

It is impossible because he knows that three of them died in regaining their home!!!

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