Just Short The Avengers Edition
Just Short The Avengers Edition darcy lewis/natasha romanov stories

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Just Short The Avengers Edition

Phil Coulson, recently allowed out of bed from a near death experience, has never been more grateful for being put on civilian watch.

He takes in the scene before him and tries, valiantly, not to coo. In front of him are five pint sized Avengers plus two.

Loki, who looks absolutely adorable stomping his feet in his too large shirt, is the cause of what will be surely be a massive headache.

They had been in a meeting when the demi god had just popped in.

When Thor, who had brought Jane and Darcy wanting them to be part of the Avengers, didn’t move to arrest or act negatively toward Loki Jane stormed out.

Thus the reason he had to leave the room, Hawkeye following like a shadow, therefor escaping the magic Loki apparently let out.

“You just don’t understand!! You never listen to me!!”cries the at most seven year old Loki, his older brother scowling at him arms crossed.

Phil walks into the room, calm on the outside but nervous on the inside.

He kneels in front of Loki wiping away the tears, his paternal side coming out; he can’t stand to see children cry it breaks his heart.

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