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Just Partners

Coco runs into Toriko on a business trip.

It's the time of year that the translucent salmon run, and a number of bishokuya always gather—it's not particularly dangerous by Coco or Toriko's standards, but it's a quick,

solid way to put money in the bank.

Coco is thinking idly about bringing some back for Komatsu, who's never had it before, and the thought of what he'd do with the pink fillets,

so clear that the light shines right through them like rose quartz crystals, is impressive.

Not that Coco could ever guess—Komatsu is much better at preparing ingredients than he could ever be, working not just with finesse but with invention, creativity—

Coco could spend a long time thinking about Komatsu, and has, trying to analyze all the ways in which he is extraordinary, the how and why of how he fits so perfectly with Coco himself,

with the other Kings, most especially with his partner. Komatsu and Toriko are a seamless match, startlingly so.

Coco had never imagined that Toriko would find someone who could keep up with his boundless will, let alone in the body of a small, ordinary-looking chef.

On first glance, Komatsu had been born to be overlooked.

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