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Just MakoRin

It was a few minutes after joint practice,

the echoes of voices from the Samezuka pool faded to silence leaving their captain and the captain of the Iwatobi Swimming Club still lingering around the pool.

Matsuoka Rin, the Samezuka captain, was still doing some laps in the water and Tachibana Makoto, the Iwatobi Captain was at the side of the pool,

picking up some things which he believed belongs to the members of his Swimming Club.

Haruka’s socks and Nagisa’s Rockhopper Penguin phone strap which might be broken when Rei tried to grab his phone to delete an embarrassing photo of him during a dive.

Makoto glanced towards Rin’s direction, something was bothering him with the way Rin looks today.

It’s been quite sometimes since they had joint practice, which mostly had clashed with their respective school’s schedule, so Makoto might notice something different.

It might be his imagination, but it had bothered him all this time.

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