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Just Keep Swimming

The sky are grey filled with clouds, and it’s pouring outside. The wind is quite chilly. A typical British day of weather.

Nothing Stan couldn’t handle though, he was a bloody Norwegian after all. He was even a northern lad.

He is used to horrendous weather, and loads of snow and bloody chilly winters (we’re talking -20 to -30 degrees for weeks).

The large front door Stan is facing, reminds him more of the entrance of Hogwarts than to a school’s entrance.

Old and all wooden-made with plenty of patterns, that looked hand-made, and as mentioned huge. The door isn’t huge, it is big ass enormous.

Who the heck went to school here, giants or normal human beings?

Stan snapped out of his trance, as he realised he had to actually enter this old door. He had to embrace the fact that he was going to spend a lot of time in this place the next couple of years.

He really didn’t want to, he absolutely did not want to be here. The only positive thing that was going to come out of all this, was the fact he didn’t need to see his family every day.

And that was actually one of the greatest things ever, Stan thought to himself. As he entered the door, he was stunned by the large hallway.

Okay, this had to be Hogwarts, not Eastern Sherwood Boarding School. The hallway even had five chandeliers, one large in the middle with four smaller ones surrounding it.

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