Just Don't Fall
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Just Don't Fall

He was stupid.

That was the first real thing she thought about him.

The morning of the cast reveal wasn’t the first time she’d heard of him, or saw him, of course.

With Val being her partner, and the brother’s bond being as strong as it was, she’d heard quite a good bit about him, in the week they’d rehearsed in Michigan.

She’d even seen him once, as he and Val skyped one afternoon during a break in practice.  She’d crouched down and waved hello, but only stayed in the conversation for a minute or two.

He kept peering at her in a way that made her nervous, even with the barrier of thousands of miles and a computer screen.  So she excused herself, and then asked Val after he’d hung up.

“What’s the deal with your brother?”

“What do you mean?” Val questioned.  She squinted.

“He kept giving me these…funny looks when we were on Skype.”

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