Just Another Summer Day
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fan work by theduchessunseen adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Just Another Summer Day

Korra lounged under a large umbrella laying on her beach towel. Florida sun blazing overhead, she sipped from a large water bottle dripping with condensation.

She looked around and sighed contentedly. This is the life, she thought.

She smiled as she saw her ‘uncle’ Tenzin chasing his three oldest kids around the beach, one of them was holding something that Tenzin seemed desperate to get ahold of,

while her ‘aunt’ Pema held their youngest child under her own umbrella and laughed at her children’s antics.

Her own parents were hard at work in her families’ restaurant, Raava’s was one of the best seafood places on the beach, and everyone knew it.

Korra was just about to go see what kind of creature Ikki had caught this time when Tenzin finally caught up with her and had her put a, probably terrified, crab back onto the sand.

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