Just A Nightmare
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Just A Nightmare

I have always been a fan of the Avengers. It's one of my favorite movies. I've seen it so many times I can quote it. I'm an even bigger fan of Loki.

He's so handsome and I just love how villainous and nasty can be. I even found myself cheering for Loki to win. So since I didn't have to work last night, I decided to watch it.

As always, I swooned over Loki whenever he appeared on screen and cheered for him to win even though I knew he wouldn't. I had always wondered what it would be like to have a dream about Loki.

I always found myself wondering how he killed all those innocent people in 80 days. Was he really that much of a monster? Well last night when I went to bed, I got my answer.

I can still remember the nightmare so clearly.

I got out of bed to get a drink of water. Once I finished drinking, I put the cup back on the sink and was on my way back to bed. I noticed something strange.

The door to my parents' bedroom was open. They usually slept with the door closed, but I shook it off. As I was going down the hallway to my room, I saw a shadow in my doorway.

I quickly hid behind the wall next to the kitchen. I heard footsteps approaching me. I was starting to panic the person in the house was getting closer and I had nowhere to run.

Just as I started to find another place to hide, a hand quickly grabbed my arm from behind me. I struggled trashing around to try and free myself from his grip, but he was too strong.

I was lifted from the ground by my waist. His grip was like a vice "Daddy, help someone's-!" A hand was put of my mouth. "Shhhh. There's no use in crying for help. No one will hear you.

" I know that voice. "Loki?!" What was happening? How did he get here? What does he want? "I see my reputation precedes me." I was getting scared.

"You better hope my dad doesn't wake up," I said with a shaky voice. You mean that foolish man and woman? I have no reason to fear them. I killed them.

" I was angry how dare he lie to me about my parents. "You're lying! You don't just randomly kill people!" "No? Your father thought he could actually harm me with that pathetic mortal weapon.

What is it you call it? A gun? I struck him in the face it killed him instantly. Your mother became so angry she tried hitting me. So I crushed her throat.

That's what happens when they defy their king. How foolish, thinking they could harm a god," he chuckled. He was telling the truth.

I went in the room and saw their bodies unresponsive to my touch. "NO! Mom! Daddy! I'm so sorry! I didn't hear anything! I'm so sorry I didn't come sooner!" I sobbed.

I was so helpless I didn't know what to do. Wait if he's here, then Thor will be looking for him. "If you don't leave, I call Thor for help. He'll stop you-" How sad.

As I said there's no use in crying for help. My brother will come but it'll be much too late. You'll need ay least a few seconds to get away from me. All I need is a second to get to you.

Add it up." I wanted to know. I demanded answers. "Why haven't you killed me yet?" What do you want? Just get on with it!" Loki smirked at me.

Now where's the fun in that? I have something better in mind." Loki was behind me again. His hands went up to my shoulders and he sniffed my hair. "Such a lovely scent you have.

I started crying. "Don't cry. I hate to see my new toys upset." I tensed up. "Don't touch me! You're a monster!" "Oh. a feisty one. It's been a long time too long.

" "I said get lost! I don't want anything to do with you!" Loki had that mischievous glint in his eye. "Yes, but you see I want everything to do with you." He turned me around to face him.

"No-!" I yelled as he pushed me into a kiss.

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