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fan work by westoneaststreet adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

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Three eggs were placed on a table. Their incubation periods were finally over, and something insane was about to occur. The first artificially made dinosaur.

"Well Varrick, we've outdone ourselves. This is incredible." Hiroshi looked over to his companion. The crazy-eyed, wild-haired Varrick seemed just crazy, but he was in fact, a crazy genius.

"You're goddamn right we have, Sato! This is the beginning of our newest line of technology- make your own dinosaurs! It's incredible! Amazing! Genius!

I'll get Zhu Li to gather more research once they've hatched." Varrick replied.

Then they heard the gasp.

The scientists watched intently as one of the three eggs started moving. Rocking on the glass table, there was a small crack. Then a bigger crack, then a bigger one.

One red eye peered out of the hole that had been made. A small screech filled the gray, polished lab.

Hiroshi Sato watched from behind a thick glass panel, a grin forming behind his greying mustache as the biologists started to cheer for the birth of the dinosaur. "Finally," he began.

"I've been waiting for this moment for so long. This is the beginning of a new era." He watched intently as the rest of the egg shattered off the newborn dinosaur.

"More industry, more profit...more power for us." The dinosaur slipped on the table, but slowly stood up, making even louder noises. "Welcome to the world, Amonus Rex."

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