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Jumper Alphabet

They say love makes a person blind to see things the way they really are. But love doesn't make one only blind. Love also makes one deaf and stupid.

Every day Griffin spent with David by his side, he knew he was lucky to have lived through another day without one of them getting killed.

It was only a matter of time before his blindness would force him to see the result of his game in which he flirted with death.

But until then, he would enjoy the time they had together, he thought as he looked at the blonde sleeping figure next to him.

You look at me with a smile on your lips. Your right hand is entwined with my left one. Your other hand is on the small of my back, slowly guiding me to the correct steps.

You were way too happy when you realized you had the leading role, but then again I couldn't dance at all. Closing your eyes, you let your body guide mine and soon I follow the familiar steps.

You only burst our little bubble when you open your eyes again and capture my lips, all the while still guiding me.

I can feel you smile against my lips when I realize I cannot yet dance and kiss at the same time.

Your hands move and I feel you pull me closer, I moaned softly in our kiss and put my hands in your short blonde hair.

I would never admit it to anyone, but at times I envy you for being so damn perfect.

When I look up again into your eyes, they sparkle happily and with a rare smile on my lips I take over our dance and lead for the first time,

you gladly take the submissive role and for once follow me.

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