Julian's and Josh's 'After-Party'
Julian's and Josh's 'After-Party' julian keller stories

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Julian's and Josh's 'After-Party'

Julian Keller had left the dance floor and the ball room behind (after spiking the punch of course) as he had grown bored of the chaperoned event,

he would much rather leave early and start his own 'after-party' (what he called it anyway). Though the telekinetic was not alone.

He had led the beautiful literal golden boy Josh Foley out of the party (where they totally acted like two dudes going stag together),

past a wall of lockers and into one of the Jean Grey School's many stairwells.

Thankfully it was empty at this point. Empty and quiet.

Well it was until Keller bit down on Josh's neck and a moan escaped the boy's mouth that echoed through the stairwell.

"Mmm, Julian why couldn't we just go to your room?" Josh asked, hands shifting their way under Julian's dress shirt to run up and down his toned and utterly perfect back.

"Dunno if it's empty, I'm not the only one looking to hook up tonight babe." He had stopped sucking and kissing to say. He frowned as the dark hickeys on Josh's neck and collar healed.

"Besides," he breathed. "This is hotter.

" Julian pushed the other boy into the near wall, a metal hand on either side of Josh, pressed a knee between his suit clad legs and kissed him hard under the school stairs.

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