Judge My Heart
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Judge My Heart

A/N: Parts taken from the movie whenever I think they're having a moment. A peek of what both Judge Dredd and Rookie Anderson are thinking at that time.

I do not own Dredd or some of the lines Dredd, Cheif Judge, Anderson, Ma Ma, Kay or the other characters say! May have some coarse language and violence.



I watched her through the glass as the Chief Judge filled me in on her details.

"Cassandra Anderson. 21. Born in a block 100 meters from the radiation boundary wall. At age seven, she lost both her parents to residual fallout cancer.

" Anderson fingered the paper in her hands. She smiled. I realized it was a photograph. Most likely of her parents. She tucked it way and sat up straighter, staying at a spot of the floor.

"As is usual with orphans, she was given a Judge aptitude test at age nine. It classified her as unsuitable but she was entered into the Academy on special instruction.

In the Academy, her record was never better than borderline. Her final Academy score put her three percentile points below a pass."

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