Journey Through Sinnoh
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Journey Through Sinnoh

When he first came to the mountainous region, Steven was glad to finally leave Hoenn. As a child he heard about Sinnoh from his mother.

The land was rich with ore and minerals that Devon used in manufacturing, and his mother and father worked together to grow Devon Corp with those very materials.

But the reason that he came to Sinnoh, now almost half a year ago, had nothing to do with Devon Corp.

He had prepared himself in the chance of being recognized from a passerby by wearing the hiking gear he would wear when exploring Granite Cave, and it worked perfectly.

As he got off the boat from Canalave City port and head toward the entrance of the city, he passed by a telecast that conversing about news in Hoenn.

They didn’t mention him at all. Not even a photo was on screen. He was safe here.

Climbing Mt. Coronet was amazing. Smelling the mountain air and the isolation was just what Steven needed.

And when he came down to gather supplies for his pokemon in Eterna City, he was surprised to learn of the tunnel network deep underground.

Sinnoh was the land of treasure he had always dreamed of.

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