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Joke Curse

Joke Curse


A few hours before dawn, I break down and summon a demon in our grave yard.

“Algaliarept, I summon you”

I was prepared for him to show up as Piscary, Anubis, my Mother even or an undead version of myself, I however was not prepared for him to show up as Rachel looking like a used up Shadow; gaunt,

hollow eyes, sunken cheeks, disheveled appearance, wearing a strapless leather bra and hot pants, what's most disturbing though is the bite marks all over her, which I could tell were all mine.

She turns and looks at me with those dead eyes and whispers “no Ivy, please don't, I love you, please no more” I start to raise my arm to reach out for her,

then there's a little glint in her eye and the slightest of upturn to her lips. I yell

“STOP THIS ALGALIAREPT! I didn't summon you here to play games.” and with that a sheet of black ever after ripples across her form and he's now in what Rachel calls his English Lord look.

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