Joining of Worlds
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Joining of Worlds

“You look ridiculous.”

So Leon said, standing across from him in a blue and black hakama, arms crossed and eyes narrowed in dissatisfaction.

Takumi tugged at his uncomfortably tight blue tunic as he retorted, “If you don't listen and put on that wig, everyone's going to think you're a peasant.”

Leon glanced briefly at the hairpiece he held to the side between his fingers, then back at Takumi. “Only if you cover yours.”

“Then they'd see

as a peasant.”

“You are aware that you're wearing a women's hairstyle?”

Takumi self-consciously touched the ponytail at the back of his head. “That's not what it means in Hoshido. No one will care.”

“I care,” Leon said with mock disdain. “You are bastardizing my culture.”

“Fine! I'll wear a hat when we do this in Nohr. I don't care, let's just get this over with.” As Takumi passed, he jabbed Leon in the side and added, “And put your wig on.”

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