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John Howe

Peter Sadusky never much cared for glass walls, and had a bit of a time understanding why others seemed to covet them so much.

Often he simply shrugged off such inclinations with a ‘To each their own’ and carried on about his day, but there were times when the notion simply couldn’t be avoided.

Today was one of those days.

He’d stopped for a cup of water at one of the water coolers on the way and kept his best professional face, pushing his personal opinions to a point beyond detection by others,

and walked up to what was sometimes colloquially known as “The Fishbowl.” The lettering ‘Dir.

Spiller’ was fresh and crisp, and Sadusky opened the door and stepped inside, allowing it to close behind him. The director looked up at him. “Agent Sadusky,” he said.

“Director,” Sadusky replied with a slight nod.

“Have a seat.” Sadusky walked up to one of the chairs in front of Spiller’s cluttered desk and sat down, setting his cup on the edge.

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