Joey And Her Family
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Joey And Her Family

Most of Joey's children had done so well for themselves. Joey smiled as she looked around at the Christmas cards from them all.

Six of them – Cecil, Geoff and Phil, Con, Felicity, and Steve – were coming home for the Christmas celebrations.

Len was too busy with her own family: her newest daughter was only six weeks old, after all. Margot – well, nuns didn't come home for Christmas.

Joey was proud of her daughter's vocation, even if it meant she didn't see the youngest triplet often.

Similarly, it was the busiest time of year for Charles in his parish in the North of England.

Mike was on a boat somewhere in the Pacific: the Navy didn't stop operations just because the Christmas holidays arrived. Felix...

Ah, Felix. Joey's smile faded a little as her eyes rested on the card he'd sent. She had hoped for great things from him when he got his place confirmed at the London School of Economics.

A possible financier of the future. Neither she nor Jack could understand it when Felix dropped out at the end of his first year.

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