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i've come to learn it'll never be enough.


the world had never been on my side

every time i fall in love i get hurt.

i've met the only one for me

and i let the world know my heart was beating for the first time

we were envied with our movie screen romance

we had everything one could dream of

and then my heart started to ache overnight.

i cried, begging for it to be an illusion

but you uncovered my biggest fear

did you ever love me,

did you ever love me, even a little?

i believed i had all your love

now i wonder if you ever saw me worthy enough

to handle your heart in my own hands.

i slept with all my friends last night

and i took some pills

but it wasn't enough.

i've come to learn it'll never be enough.

it's 11AM and i'm already drunk

clutching the bottle so it won't leave

my knuckles have never been so white

the sad truth is i don't want anyone else

i'll bandage my heart until it finally falls apart

you're too good to give up so quick

please paint me the illusion that i mean something to you

i promise that's good enough for me.

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