Jim IS NOT being petty. Shut up.
Jim IS NOT being petty. Shut up. john and seb are pals stories

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A short story by drbdamned (orphan_account) adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Jim IS NOT being petty. Shut up.

Jim watches as Sebastian grabs a shrieking and giggling John by the ankles and lifts him up in the air so that John's hanging upside down,

his stripy jumper sliding down to reveal his adorable soft stomach. Looks like Seb won another of their ridiculous play-fights.

Jim had never taken into account the fact that the two ex-soldiers might become friends when Jim had first started pursuing his darling John.

Don't get Jim wrong,

he certainly likes to know that there's always someone on his side to keep a close eye on his little kitten; to feed him and entertain him and keep him out of mischief when Jim is busy with

his work. But there's just one problem.

Jim is jealous.

Jim is very, very, jealous of Seb's muscles.

His dear Sebby, his right hand man, his go-to guy, his pal, BFF, brother from another mother. He is really quite strong.

All that time playing soldiers in the army and then later being hired for Jim's 'work' have made him a very... physically capable young chap.

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