Jemma Simmons, her Harem and the Hacker
Jemma Simmons, her Harem and the Hacker agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. (tv) stories

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Jemma Simmons, her Harem and the Hacker

Jemma Simmons and her harem settled somewhat easily into their new home. There was a great deal of painting and remodeling required to make it perfect.

After six months,

Jemma had to admit that there were only a few minor issues…  sometimes the boys didn’t know which shirt was whose and John and the very idea of vacuuming were not very closely acquainted.

Plus the less said about Garrett Tuesday Taco night the better.

Ok, she

There was one big elephant in the room.

And it wasn’t the near constant remodeling as the place they had planned for Skye wasn’t actually legal,

or the fact that she had regretfully decided to put off repairing the overgrown garden for another year.  Phil and John had both understood her disappointment as they


about what she had hoped to have in her garden.

There was no real choice in the matter, Felix had gone through the budget repeatedly and the garden had lost when it had come down to fixing the HVAC.

Really, Heating, Venting and Cooling would be greatly appreciated in the winter and the summer, especially if she was pregnant.

And yes, she had planned to have her garden completed before she was up the duff. It would be her sanctuary, her refuge for quietness and contemplation.

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