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Even as you were pulling up in the parking lot, you still couldn't believe Clear had never been to an aquarium.

He always seemed to be bringing home sea shells, or other little ocean themed baubles from his aimless wandering around the city.

You always assumed this would have been the first place he would come when he had the chance. You guessed wrong.

Clear's pink eyes sparkle with excitement as he pulls you along by the hand with more enthusiasm than most of the children there. He bounced around from tank to tank, never staying for too long.

A flash of blight color, or movement in his peripheral vision always distracted him.

He lingered near the sting ray tank for a long while, peeking into the shallow water at the slowly swimming, tan colored fish.

The attendant listed off facts and took questions from other curious people. But he refused to actually touch one and  inched away at the suggestion.

He folded his hands in front of him and fidgeted, staring at the dark blue carpet. "I don't want to hurt Mr. Stingray."

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