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Jekyll and Hyde

Anastasia POV

"Anastasia" my father (Dr Najaran) called out for me.

"Coming" I called "there you are we going to the market remember" he told me "yes sorry I was just getting ready" I apologised to father "don't worry my dear now I'm going to get mother

and Ravi so you can stay in the car" he said.

I got in the car at the back and waited for Father. "Hello Anastasia" a voice said in front of my seat. I screamed a bit too loudly but then I saw it was only Robert Jekyll.

"Robert you gave me a fright" I said "sorry I didn't mean to scare you" Robert said apologetically "I just didn't notice you don't worry it's no one's fault" I replied and smiled at him.

I'm actually adopted I never knew my real family but Dr Najaran tells me that my mother died during childbirth and my father couldn't look after me. So Dr Najaran adopted me.

I stay here with his wife, his son Ravi and their adopted son Robert Jekyll. Me and Robert get on very well because we are both adopted and we can talk about it.

Robert doesn't know anything about his family I know a little but not much.

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