Jedikiah and the Stern Reprimand
Jedikiah and the Stern Reprimand the founder (tomorrow people 2013) stories

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Jedikiah and the Stern Reprimand

Jedikiah Price was a diligent man. Tenacious, precocious... an observant and introspective few would even call him passionate (much in the same way Judas Iscariot was passionate).

His cool demeanor rarely showed it, though.

An indolent slant of his eyes and a thrumming, bassy voice did little to give away the conviction settled in his bones; the pleasure he took in his work. Most would call him cold. Unfeeling.

Robotic with a cruel streak and a whippish mind.

In previous times and careers, he'd been accused of being all of these things to a fault. He took them all as compliment.

Now, though, Jedikiah had found his niche, his calling.

With a titan's grip on the reins of a powerful organization systematically shutting down a threatening species, diligence and its associates only paid him, and well.

Though he did not know it, over the next few months, he was about to find out just how well.

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