Jealousy is a Green-eyed Winchester
Jealousy is a Green-eyed Winchester dean winchester/sam winchester stories

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Jealousy is a Green-eyed Winchester

“Stay in the damn car, Sam!”

Dean slammed the Impala's door, striding around the hood to make his way to the diner.

“Dean...This is getting ridiculous,” Sam complained rolling down the the passenger window, glancing up, eyes meeting his brother's.

“I said to stay in the car, dude. it, okay?”

Sam sighed, his eyes were the first to break the connection to Dean, his gaze dropping to his lap, the hand he'd rested on the door handle falling away.

Dean was getting more and more possessive, surlily resentful of anyone who even glanced in Sam's direction,

each passing day increasing his big brother's need to keep Sam for himself like he was some stolen art treasure, to be locked up in an obsessed collector's safe,

to be appreciated and enjoyed by his eyes only.

Sam knew he should be concerned. It wasn't normal the way Dean treated him, but then when had anything been normal between him and his brother.

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