Jealous Q
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Jealous Q

Jealous Q - Act 1

Scene 1

Captain Janeway opened her eyes, to find herself lying on a cold, hard surface.  She was definitely not in her own quarters, she could see a red ceiling, not a regulation grey one above her.

The Captain had been dreaming about walking across the fields near her Grandfather’s farm in Indiana.  She could still feel the sunlight on her face and smell the corn ripening.

She felt drowsy again so she tried to roll over and slip back into her dream.  When she banged her face on the cold floor, it was a forceful reminder that she was not in her own bed on Voyager.

She sat up slowly, feeling groggy and looked around.  About one and a half metres away, Tom Paris was lying sprawled on the floor, still in his Starfleet uniform.

Janeway shuffled over to check his pulse, it was weak but steady.  She sat next to Tom waiting for him to wake up.  The only thing she knew for certain was that they were not on the ship.

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