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JDox Drabbles

JD always thinks he's being sneaky, but he seems to often forget that Perry is in tune with just about everything he does.

So it should have come as no surprise to JD that Perry noticed him standing on his tiptoes while they were talking to a patient.

Perry, being as tactful as he is, doesn't say anything about it until they've left the room and shut the door, but then immediately starts in on JD.

"Practicing for your ballet recital, Sharon?"

JD blushes, not realizing he'd been that noticeable. "It's just you're... well, you're taller than I am." The corners of Perry's mouth twitch, but he lets JD continue.

"I'm used to being the same height as people, if not taller. I've spent the last ten years with Turk and we're exactly the same height, though my hair makes me look taller...

" He trails off, entering another daydream.

Perry clears his throat. JD shakes his head, coming back to reality. "So because I'm an inch or two taller than you, you feel the need to stand on your tiptoes?"

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