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Jasper Nightwalker

I have grown up with him since birth. Our parents were best friends, since the hospital, and Danny was born first, then I was born the next day.

Danny is still my best friend even after the killing his aunt thing. I visited him every day even on the holidays, I would never turn my back on him, I know him to while.

I was not there when it happened, I was sick that day, and staying home but when my father told what happen. I told him, that Danny had to have a reason, I just did not know yet.

When I was healthy, and could visit I did.

I had my father drive him to place that I would know inside and out, by the time he left, I knew the staff by first name,

and the staff joked that reason Danny never got a roommate was because I was his roommate.

He never really did, (I guess the head, who I never meet really) after the first six months, and four different roommates.

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