Jane Doe
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A fiction by oldlove_newlove adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Jane Doe

It feels as though I have just begun my time on this earth. And yet, I have already grown and lived my life. I've never heard the word amnesia before, I think, but it comes to mind immediately.

No one ever explains what it's like to not remember anything, and yet know everything. I can feel knowledge bubbling beneath the surface of my brain.

But as for specific details, I can only recall my name.

I'm lying on the ground, next to a large, imposing green dragon. My head pulsates, I'm sure because it had made contact with the hard stone flooring.

“Are you alright?” The dragon inquires above me.

Her voice is so feminine for a dragon, and her facial expression is surprisingly kind. I expected her to be scary, from her size and status as...well, a dragon.

“...I think so,” I say, rising to my feet. My head is spinning and throbbing still, but I feel relatively in control of my faculties.

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