Jacob (I Have Loved)
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Jacob (I Have Loved)

“Once there was a War, and in that War there was a Soldier.

(I say once but it is not true, there was This War, as there Had Been and Are Always Wars, as there Will Be Wars Yet Again.)

There were many soldiers in the War, but this soldier was different. This Soldier had a secret: the Solider was afraid, and so he was ashamed.”

, J. Montgomery Falsworth


…the familiarity of tone is is reminiscent of early fantasy staples

(1937) and

(1968). It has most often been compared to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s

(1943). Yet despite these similarities, Falsworth’s novel was never as popular or as beloved. Perhaps it comes as no surprise: despite the simplistic structure and narrative tone,

is explicit in a way that at the time was unforgivable. While lacking the crass terminology of

(1928), the frank depiction of a consensual, mutually loving homosexual relationship placed it firmly in the realm of obscenity (

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