Jack O'Lantern : Guardian of Fun
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Jack O'Lantern : Guardian of Fun

Darkness. It was dark and cold and he was scared. Until he opened his eyes and saw the moon. It was so big and bright, it seemed to chase away the darkness.

It lowered him to the ground, where his foot brushed a shepherd's staff. He picked it up and the grooves in the black wood lit up purple. Vines grew along it until they hit the ends.

He dropped one end and it hit the earth where vines sprung up after it.

A grin spread across his face as he ran around the clearing, dragging his staff behind him, causing vines to spring up from the ground, pumpkins growing and ripening in seconds instead of months.

He didn't notice the wind picking up until it swept him off his feet. He fell onto a tree branch and looked up at the moon. He heard it whisper, silver light and warm, "Jack O'Lantern...

" "Is that...me...?", he asked, but received no answer. He looked around and saw a village outside of the forest. He dropped down and, on a whim, looked through the pumpkins.

He picked up a pumpkin the size of his hand and watched as a glowing face melted (or rotted, depending on how you look at it) into it.

He looked at the pumpkin, then his staff, and hung the pumpkin on the end of the vine. He half expected it to fall, but it didn't. Instead it floated perfectly in the center of the crook.

The light from it lit up the clearing.

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