Jack Frost's Isolation
Jack Frost's Isolation nsfw stories

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Jack Frost's Isolation

Jack ran to the edge of the ice cliff in Antarctica. He went to throw his memory box into the freezing sea, but stopped at the last second.

Making a noise of frustration, he examined the box once again before putting it in his jacket’s pocket.

“I thought this might happen. They never really believed in you. I was just trying to show you that. But I understand.” Pitch Black said from behind him.

“You don’t understand anything!” Jack screamed, turning quickly and attacking the boogeyman with a bust of frost from his staff. The two continued to fight as Pitch tied to get on the boy’s side.

“No?! I don’t know what it’s like to be cast out, to not be believed in? To long, for a family. All these years in the shadows I thought no one else know what this feels like.

And now I see I was wrong. You don’t have to be alone jack. I believe in you, and I know children will too.” He said, as they fighting calmed.

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