I've turned into a Monster
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I've turned into a Monster

School was boring. A girl in class eyed me and asked me if I can take her to the dance. I said yes.

This is the homecoming dance, and I have never been asked by a girl, let alone ask a girl without the thought of my mom screaming at me 'no, you can't' because I can't bring attention to myself.

I am elated and I tell Cameron all about it. She doesn't say much. Is she jealous? Why? It's not like I am going to marry Cindy Mason.

She is just a girl, and I really want to go out; I don't want to spend another year being the oddball.

"Sarah Connor will not approve." She tells me, putting down her bag. "She doesn't want us to fall under the radar."

"Well, mom doesn't have to know and you won't tell her. Got it?"

She doesn't respond right away. I switch subjects and ask her how boring her classes were. "Classes are never boring for me. But they pose no challenge."

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