I've Got a Girl Back Home
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I've Got a Girl Back Home

Souta stumbled into his apartment, removing his shoes and jacket. He dumped his bag on the floor next to his door. He sighed as he shut the door, happy to be home.

Helping the Gekirangers had been quite the adventure but Souta was spent and all he wanted to do was curl up with Miyu and read a book.

Said cat was currently rubbing against his legs and purring in a greeting. Souta smiled and reached down to pick her up.

“Miyu, I’m glad to see you too.” Souta responded to a meow from the tortoiseshell cat he was holding in his arms.

“I bet you’re starving, I didn’t get to feed you. Let’s get you some food.” Souta said and made his way towards the kitchen, Miyu giving an approving purr.

He spoke to Miyu, like he did every day, while he put her food in a dish. He then moved on to making himself a sandwich as she ate.

He always talked to Miyu as if she were human; he knew that she could understand him. She often responded in purrs, meows and the occasional look that Souta was able to decipher.

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