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I've Been Thinking

Spider-Man sits down carefully to the merc, who's flopped out on his back and tries to rub the soreness out of his shoulders. Deadpool groans, "You know what's

this exhausting? Guns. There's way less effort involved."

"Don't you feel like a hero?" Spidey asks, laying back on the concrete of the rooftop they're on.

"I feel like I've been tenderized." the merc answers. "With like, one of those big ass metal mallets."

"Then, congrats. That's what it feels like." he fights his eyes not to close. "It's a workout."

"How close is your spider-cave?" Deadpool asks, rolling onto his side. "My place is far and I'm tired."

"You are

spending the night with me." Spidey sighs.

?" the merc whines. "I'll stay on the couch all night

I'll make breakfast."

"We don't even know each other." he yawns, "I mean, we

, but...secret identities.

"You know who I am." the merc argues. "It's on the internet for everyone to see. Wade Wilson, google me."

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