Ivan, By and Illyan
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Ivan, By and Illyan

Ivan was working on the comconsole in his bedroom at his mother's penthouse when Byerly lent round the door-frame, languidly hugging the wooden upright.

"And how are you enjoying a week locked up with Simon?" he drawled.

Ivan had been invited to stay at his mother's while his flat was being redecorated. While his mother was away.

Which was better than alternative, but "Uncle" Simon was still there half the time, not at his own utilitarian retirement flat. Ivan huffed impatiently and saved his work.

Long practice had taught him the longer he ignored By, the longer he was distracted for, and dragging it out didn't help.

"It's fine," he rapped out, at the last second trying to modulate his voice to sound sincere, but By was already oozing into the room and talking over him.

"I think it's odd for him too," By continued. "He's taking my dead drops while Your Lady Mother is away"

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